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PEScience launches Symbiont-GI, an all-in-one GI support formula


PEScience has launched an all-new supplement today that falls into its health and wellness category of products. The latest from the top rated brand is an all-in-one GI support formula called Symbiont-GI, featuring a combination of gastric acids, probiotics, and digestize enzymes.

For gastric support, PEScience has packed Symbiont-GI with a 1.575g blend of slippery elm bark and the PepZin GI zinc-l-carnosine complex. Next on the supplement’s label is the BioCore Optimum Complete enzyme blend for help with consumption of high protein, carbohydrates, and fat.


Last on the list of ingredients in Symbiont-GI is the researched-backed and patented probiotic LactoSpore dosed at two billion CFUs. All of those ingredients come wrapped up in a somewhat small three-capsule serving, with each bottle of the product providing you with the usual 30 servings.

PEScience has given Symbiont-GI a pretty convenient price tag of $21.41 through its website, making it a very cost-effective supplement to incorporate into your everyday stack. Through until this Sunday however, you can save 30% on the GI formula with the coupon code “INSIDER” dropping it to only $14.99 per bottle.