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Amino Doctor partnering with Twinlab for a superior EAA supplement

Amino Authority

A new website has surfaced called Amino Authority that is well worth checking out if you’re a fan at all of BCAA and amino supplements. The site is essentially an educational experience designed to help you better understand amino acids, the role they play, and the roles they don’t.

The most interesting section of Amino Authority is its page “The BCAA Myth“. It’s all about BCAAs and how they fall short with muscle growth and retention when taken alone. BCAAs are of course only three of the nine essential amino acids (EAAs) the body needs to build muscle.

Amino Authority

Throughout the Amino Authority website, there are mentions of a solid balance of EAAs being superior to BCAAs. The site actually highlights clinical trials proving that EAAs, when taken in the precise researched ratios, have been found to be three times more effective at stimulating protein synthesis than whey protein, and 32 times more effective than BCAAs.

Throughout the website, there is also mention of Dr. Robert Wolfe referred to as the Amino Doctor, who has apparently been leading the EAA revolution for the past 20 years. It is here where things get interesting as Wolfe is said to have discovered the exact combination of EAAs to stimulate muscle growth.

Amino Authority

Dr. Robert Wolfe has now partnered with the veteran supplement company Twinlab to share his research and discovery with the world. All of that research is, in fact, going to be released to the public in the form of a product of some kind from Twinlab.

You can check out the Amino Authority website for yourself at, although by the sounds of things this is all just the beginning. The Twinlab supplement really feels like it is going to be something big, at least based on everything that we’ve read from Amino Authority.

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