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Primeval Labs discontinues Adrenal Rush and is clearing it out at $13.33 each

adrenal rush

Primeval Labs has announced that the lifespan of its stimulant pre-workout supplement Adrenal Rush V2, is coming to an end. The brand has decided to discontinue the product, so once all of its current stock of Adrenal Rush is gone, that is it.

While it’s not good news for fans of the Primeval Labs pre-workout, the brand is sending it off in style. To clear out remaining stock of Adrenal Rush V2, Primeval Labs has organized a sale that gives you the chance to stock up very easily.

Currently over at A1 Supplements, when you buy one tub of Primeval Labs Adrenal Rush V2 you’ll get another two tubs free. As difficult as that may be to believe, it is definitely real. It essentially costs you $39.99 for three 30 serving tubs, working out to a competitive $13.33 per tub or 44 cents per serving.

For those wondering whats going to happen after Adrenal Rush V2 is gone, we do also have some details on that. Primeval Labs has said that it will, of course, be replaced by another pre-workout, although no details have been confirmed just yet about that new supplement.