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Yamamoto launches an energy version of its amino Aminobol

aminobol energy

The Italian company Yamamoto Nutrition has launched a slightly more mainstream style supplement compared to what we’re used to seeing from the brand. The product is an energy infused version of its BCAA powered amino formula Aminobol, simply called Aminobol Energy.

Surprisingly Yamamoto Nutrition’s Aminobol Energy is a little more complex than just the original Aminobol with caffeine or an energy blend. The brand has in fact combined the regular Aminobol’s 5g dose of KyowaQualityBCAAs and Sustamine glutamine with three new ingredients.

aminobol energy

Alongside the above-mentioned aminos, Aminobol Energy also has a gram of pure citrulline for pumps. 200mg of green tea providing 100mg of caffeine for energy, and half a gram of coconut water for improved hydration.

Yamamoto Nutrition’s new Aminobol Energy is now available on the brand’s website in the one Orange-Lemon flavor and for the same price as Aminobol at €46.99. While it does have the same price, it’s not the same value as the energy version has seven fewer servings with 35, meaning that extra energy will cost you 20% more per serving.