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Bonus bottle of Xenevar comes with 15 extra servings completely free

victory labs xenevar

The Australian brand Victory Labs has put together something special for its fans, especially those that frequently use its flavored fat burning formula Xenevar. The brand has in fact unveiled a new bonus version of the supplement that gives you quite a bit more than the usual 30 serving tub.

Victory Labs’ bonus Xenevar is a strong 50% bigger, giving you 15 more servings compared to the regular tub for a total of 45. The extra half does also appear to come free, so you won’t be paying anything extra, just getting 50% more.

The brand does look like it’s already listing the bonus Xenevar through its own online store at The supplement now has a 90 scoop or 45 serving size option, which we assume is the bonus bottle, and it’s available for the same price as the 30 serving.