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Ceuticore releases a first look at its amino supplement EAA-X

ceuticore eaa-x

Ceuticore Nutrition has unveiled its next new product, which has turned out to be a full spectrum amino supplement. The name of the release is Ceuticore EAA-X, obviously confirming that the product is backed by a blend of essential amino acids.

We can confirm that Ceucitore EAA-X features all nine EAAs, with the three BCAAs included at a dose of 8g. We don’t know anything else about the EAA-X formula at the moment, except that there is more to it. The overall goal of the combination is to is to help improve muscle soreness as well as recovery.

Ceuticore plans on revealing more details for EAA-X sometime next week with a special introductory sale for Stack3d Insiders to follow a couple of weeks later. The brand is certainly making the supplement sound like one to watch out for and it is coming at the right time, as there is currently a growing surge of EAA formulas hitting the market.