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EVL launches its deep and restful sleep supplement SleepMode

evl sleepmode

EVL’s latest “Mode” named and previously previewed sleep support supplement SleepMode, has officially arrived this week. Like a lot of products in the nighttime category, SleepMode is designed to deliver a variety of effects to help improve your overall quality of sleep.

The two primary effects EVL is promoting for SleepMode include support to get you to sleep faster, which is always handy for those that have trouble in that area. The other effect is one of our favorites, and that is help with deep, restful sleep. The result of that is usually better overall recovery as well as a more refreshed feeling when you wake up.

evl sleepmode

As for the formula behind SleepMode, EVL has packed it with a variety of ingredients nighttime supplement users should be familiar with. The list includes a few of the more common features with 200mg of theanine, 5.5mg of melatonin, and 100mg each of tryptophan and GABA. The other ingredients are 150mg each of valerian and chamomile, and 100mg each of passion flower, lemon balm, and hops extract.

The new EVL SleepMode is now available for purchase from, who always seems to be first to stock the brand’s products. The online retailer has priced the supplement at $19.99 for a full-size 60 capsule bottle, which is enough to supply you for 30 nights of sleep.