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GutRight aims to reduce sugar feeding bacteria and increase the fat feeders


The Australian supplement company ATP Science has launched a new kind of gut health, powder product that doesn’t feature the usual pre or probiotics. The brand’s latest creation is called GutRight, as that is exactly what it is designed to do, help users get their gut in the right place.

What is it

If GutRight doesn’t use pre or probiotics to improve gut health, you may be wondering what does it use? The answer is modbiotics, a term that ATP Science does a great job at explaining on its website to help you understand why its new GutRight formula might be what you need.


The way the supplement intends to work is your body has a form of bacteria called firmicute, a sugar feeder that create inflammation and slows your metabolism. There is also bacteroidetes bacteria, a fat feeder that blocks inflammation and boosts your metabolism.


To put it simply, ATP Science’s GutRight aims to help reduce the bad bacteria firmicutes, and at the same time increase the bacteria you want, bacteroidetes. To get the job done, as mentioned the product features modbiotics which are antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial compounds that can be found in our food’s fiber, pulp, skins, peels, and seeds.

Where to buy

You can read all about GutRight on ATP Science’s website, where you get the entire story on firmicute, bacteroidetes, and modbiotics. You can also purchase the supplement on the site for $65.37 AUD (50.36 USD) per 30 serving tub, making it a relatively expensive product as the brand does suggest you take three servings per day for the first ten days.

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