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5% Nutrition’s KTCO Bar is a low carb, high fat and protein snack

Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition has completely unveiled its all-new KTCO Bar which stands for Knock The Carb Out Bar. As its name implies, the brand’s new product is a high protein and fat, low carbohydrate bar intended to be ideal for those on a ketogenic diet.

Nutrition profile

Just like 5% Nutrition’s first ever protein snack the RF Bar, the KTCO Bar is made with real food ingredients. It doesn’t have any processed foods, with egg whites used as its primary source of protein providing the usual 20g per bar.

ktco bar
ktco bar

The KTCO Bar’s other important macros are its carbohydrates at 19/20g, with 14g of that fiber and 4/1g sugar, which works out to 5/6g of net carbs. You then have 21/29g of fat (8/4g saturated), for an overall total of 290/390 calories.

The reason we’ve mentioned two sets of numbers above is that 5% Nutrition’s KTCO Bar comes in two different flavors. The first macros listed are for the Dark Chocolate Chip and the second is for the over 30% more calorie dense, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

ktco bar


5% Nutrition has confirmed that its KTCO Bar is due to officially launch in just a few days’ time on Monday the 2nd of April. It’ll be available first at with a price tag of $29.90 for a full box of 10 bars, working out to $2.99 a piece.