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Machine Whey sample packs hit Tiger Fitness with one free per order

machine whey samples

Earlier this week we posted about MTS Nutrition launching new single-serving sachets of its well-flavored protein powder Machine Whey. Those single serves are now available over at Tiger Fitness, which has brought details on how you go about getting your hands on some.

There appear to be two listings of Machine Whey samples at Tiger Fitness, both have three samples per pack. The difference is one has a price of $4.99 and you pick your flavors. The other one costs $0.00 and you get one each of Gourmet Cookies & Cream, Ice Cream Sandwich, or Mint Cookies & Cream.

As you’d expect, there is a limit on the free sample pack at just one per order. It can be the only item in your purchase; however, you’ll still have to pay for shipping. As for the paid triple pack, you can obviously order as much as you’d like of that at $4.99 per set.