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Mass Jym gets a bit cheaper in the new Shortcut to Size Stack

mass jym stack

Following the launch of Jim Stoppani’s first official version of the mass protein supplement Mass Jym, there is already a way you can save some money on it. To get a bit of discount on the new product you’re going to have to go the stack route over at the online retailer

The store now has an updated Jym Shortcut to Size System Stack which has full tubs of Pre Jym, Post Jym, Post Jym Carbs, and the gainer Mass Jym. Separately through, the supplements would usually cost you $156.94, however, in the stack they’ll cost you $139.99 saving you a little over 10%.

Whether you divide the savings across all of the products or just the gainer, you’re getting a better price on Mass Jym either way. It would also be worth keeping an eye out for a sale, as if the Jym stack is included you’ll obviously get even more savings.