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Max Effort Muscle unveils its four supplement Ronda Rousey Series

ronda rousey series

Cory Gregory’s supplement company Max Effort Muscle has officially debuted its new Ronda Rousey Series at the 2018 Arnold Expo. The brand is promoting it as a line of products specifically for women, consisting of four different supplements.

Of the four products in Max Effort’s Ronda Rousey Series, two of them are entirely new, and two are similar to some of the brand’s other supplements. The two new items are both named after their categories with the stimulant powered Fat Burner, and Probiotics, featuring a mix of digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Making up the other half of the Max Effort Ronda Rousey Series is Baking Mix and Protein. The Baking Mix is actually almost identical to the brand’s original Baking Mix, just with a smaller scoop. It has the same list of ingredients in the same order but with a 49g scoop instead of 70g, providing around 70% of the nutrition.

ronda rousey series

As for the Ronda Rousey Series protein powder, that isn’t as similar to Max Effort’s protein powder Tri Blend. It relies on the one form of protein instead of a combination of three with just whey concentrate and also features a blend of enzymes to help with digestion of the supplement.

Max Effort Muscle’s entire new line is now available through its website. The brand is continuing its pricing model for the Ronda Rousey Series with everything costing the same at $34.95 a piece. All of the products come in the one size, with one flavor for Baking Mix and two flavors for Protein.