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Performix Protein Cookie is back with improved flavor and texture

Around mid last year, Performix introduced its protein-packed snack, the Performix Protein Cookie. Sometime within the next few weeks, the brand is planning on relaunching that product with a new version that is said to feature a huge improvement in flavor and texture.

Compared to the original, the new Performix Protein Cookie is still a high protein snack that’s a bit more calorie dense than your traditional protein bar. It does have a different set of ingredients and a slightly different mix of macros, but the most significant change is the promised “improvement in flavor and texture”.


The nutrition profile in the new and improved Performix Protein Cookie is overall, a lot lighter than its predecessor. It has less protein, carbohydrates, and fat, obviously resulting in a much lower total of calories in each cookie.

performix protein cookie

The Performix Protein Cookie provides 15 to 16g of protein, 20 to 21g of carbohydrates with only a gram of that sugar, 21 to 22g of fat (6g saturated), for a total of 330 calories. The cookie is also powered by a different set of protein sources this time around with eggs, milk, and whey isolate instead of whey and pea protein.


One more thing worth mentioning about the Performix Protein Cookie formula is that it does still feature ioProtein technology. This is something the brand has used in more releases than just its cookie, which is included to improve your body’s ability to absorb and digest the product’s ingredients.

performix protein cookie


In the flavor department things have also changed a bit for the Performix Protein Cookie as it no longer comes in four flavors. The brand is relaunching the protein snack in two different tastes with an option from the original menu in Chocolate Chunk, and an all-new one called Caramel Chocolate Pecan.


As mentioned earlier, the Performix Protein Cookie with improved flavor and texture is launching sometime within the next few weeks. It’ll be hitting both GNC and Performix’s own website in boxes of 12.