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Not4Pussy RoidRage is a more complete pre-workout from BPS Pharma

not4pussy roidrage

The latest Not4Pussy series pre-workout from the German company BPS Pharma is here. The official name of the supplement is Not4Pussy RoidRage which features a variety of ingredients to deliver an intense pre-workout experience.

What is it

Like a lot of the competitors in the pre-workout game, BPS Pharma’s all-new Not4Pussy RoidRage promises a combination of effects. It includes ingredients for increased energy, enhanced muscle pumps, and improved mental focus, making it a slightly more complete experience compared to the other Not4Pussys.

The formula behind Not4Pussy RoidRage is similar to all of BPS Pharma’s Not4Pussy pre-workouts, and that is interesting. The brand has brought together three unfortunately non-transparent blends, each responsible for one of the product’s three effects.

not4pussy roidrage


The lightest blend in Not4Pussy RoidRage is for focus with a 1.105g mix of n-acetyl l-tyrosine, guarana, juglans regia, DMAE, acetyl-l-carnitine, 5-HTP, and niacin. Next is its 5.06g pump matrix featuring creatine HCl, citrulline malate, glycerol, ALA arginine AKG, and creatinol-o-phosphate.

Lastly, we have the 2.75g stimulant blend of alpha-GPC, caffeine, beta-alanine, taurine, beet root, schizandra, glucuronolactone, theanine, naringin, grape seed, and pycnogenol.

That last blend is a little confusing as typically ingredients in blends are listed from heaviest to lightest. If that is the case here, then Not4Pussy RoidRage has less beta-alanine than caffeine and alpha-GPC. That could mean there are some strong amounts of caffeine and alpha-GPC, either way, it doesn’t look like you’re getting beta-alanine near the common 3.2g.

not4pussy roidrage

Available now

BPS Pharma’s all-new Not4Pussy RoidRage is now available directly through its own online store at A full tub will cost you €39.90 ($49.11 USD), the same as the regular Not4Pussy with two tastes to choose from in Cola Special and a flavor we don’t quite understand called Multivitamin Flavaa.

Each tub of Not4Pussy RoidRage packs a total of 40 scoops, with each scoop being one serving. BPS Pharma says the 40 scoops works out to 20, double scoop “Not4Pussy” servings, or if you’d rather the “4Pussy” experience, you can use just the one scoop and get 40 servings.