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Protes Protein Popcorn closer to the real thing than a protein snack

protes protein popcorn

As promised, Protes has officially debuted its all-new protein snack at this year’s Arnold Expo in Columbus. The new addition to the brand’s lineup is Protes Protein Popcorn, a protein-packed popcorn snack that is far better than we’d expect.

Nutrition profile

Despite each bag being quite light, weighing in at just 40g, Protes Protein Popcorn is packed full of nutrition and flavor. An entire bag provides 10g of protein, 13g of carbohydrates with about a gram of that sugar, around 12g of fat, for a total of 195 calories.


The macros don’t vary between either of the Protes Protein Popcorn flavors which are Sweet Cinnamon and our favorite, White Cheddar. We have tried both and can honestly say you’ll have trouble believing you’re eating a protein snack.

protes protein popcorn

The most impressive thing about Protes Protein Popcorn is that it tastes more like actual popcorn than any other protein snack. The consistency is like the real thing, and teamed with the title flavors you can’t help but enjoy it. The macros aren’t quite as good as something like a protein bar, but compared to traditional popcorn it has almost four times as much protein.

Available now

Protes has already made its protein-packed popcorn available for purchase through its website. A full box of 12 bags will cost you $20.99, which is less than $2 per bag. Both flavors are in stock as well as a variety pack with five of each flavor, although that has ten bags and isn’t as cost-effective at $18.99 per box.