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Nutrakey launches Rainbow and Sour Gummy flavors for BCAA Optima

rainbow bcaa optima

Nutrakey recently announced that it’s rebranded its amino supplement BCAA Optima, giving it a look more in line with some of its newer products. It also confirmed that the rebrand is bringing new flavors to BCAA Optima’s menu, one of those being a candy inspired Sour Gummy Worms option.

Confirmation has now come in on the other flavor Nutrakey’s updated BCAA Optima is bringing, which is another candy inspired recipe. The flavor is simply called Rainbow and is marketed with pictures of Skittles like candy.

Both of Nutrakey’s new BCAA Optima flavors are already available directly through its own website, priced at $33.99 for a full 30 serving tub.