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Stack3d Insider has grown into a biweekly subscription

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While it has been less than a month since the launch of our Stack3d Insider deals program, it’s already grown much bigger than we anticipated. After sending out the first email mid last month, we grew the list of brands insiders got exclusive discount on from 8 to 17.

We’re now looking to push the program even further and bump the number of supplement companies involved all the way up to around 30. While that is great news for subscribers as it means you’ll be able to save on even more brands, there is a bit of a catch.

Instead of sending Stack3d Insiders the one massive email that stretches for pages, we’ve decided to make the program a twice-monthly thing. Originally we had planned on sticking with just the one, but with the growing amount of companies involved this is a change we had to make.

The way it will work moving forward is that an email will go out on the first weekday of each month then again in the middle of the month. There will be separate deals in each of the two emails, with all of them being live for a month from when you receive them.

As always if you haven’t signed up to the program yet but like the sound of it, head over to

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