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Warrior steps into the RTD market with two on-the-go supplements

warrior all day aminos

The UK company Warrior Supplements has launched itself into the on-the-go RTD market with two new liquid products. There is an RTD version of the brand’s pre-workout Warrior Rage, and an amino called All Day Aminos that’s a little different from any of Warrior’s amino formulas.

The Warrior Rage RTD is as mentioned, intended to be a liquid version of Warrior’s original pre-workout powder. It features a lot of the same ingredients to deliver a variety of benefits. The formula includes a gram each of beta-alanine, citrulline malate, and arginine AKG, and 250mg of caffeine.

As for Warrior’s other liquid supplement All Day Aminos, it is exactly as it describes. It features a heavy mix of aminos for you to drink throughout the day and help with recovery including 7g of BCAAs, a gram of citrulline malate, 2.5g of taurine, and a blend of electrolytes for hydration.

Warrior’s new products are now available through the UK retailer Bodybuilding Warehouse, and at pretty good prices. Both the Warrior Rage RTD and All Day Aminos are £19.99 (28.02 USD) for a case of 12 bottles, with both supplements also having the same two flavor options in Frost Berry and Kiwi Lime.