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Latest Performa teaser hints at a line of shakers for Wrestlemania 34

wwe shakers

The PerfectShaker brand Performa is back again teasing the coming of another lineup of supplement shakers just a couple of weeks after introducing its 18 piece Infinity War Series. Much like that superhero series, it looks like the brand’s next family of shakers will also be based on an upcoming event, or at least that’s our guess.

As mentioned, Performa has dropped a teaser for its next line of shakers saying it “is ready to hit the stage!” Based on those few words and the images the brand has shared, we’re guessing the new series is another set of WWE shakers. That is very fitting as well, as Wrestlemania 34, the WWE’s major annual event, is only a few weeks away.

Performa hasn’t said anything about when it plans on dropping its new line of shakers, although the brand doesn’t usually take too long to go from tease to launch. Also, if we’re correct with our guess at another WWE collection, then it will likely to be out before Wrestlemania on April 8th.

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