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Football 4Plus Team gets a caffeinated carbohydrate gel

4 plus maxi gel

Despite unveiling almost ten entirely new supplements at this year’s FIBO Expo a couple of weeks ago in Cologne, Germany. This week, 4+ Nutrition has launched a new product that wasn’t included in that massive group of unveiled supplements, called 4+ Maxi Gel.

As you could probably gather by the name, 4+ Nutrition’s new Maxi Gel is an on-the-go cola-flavored, gel style formula. The product brings together a straightforward combination of electrolytes for hydration, the carbohydrate sources maltodextrin and fructose for fuel, and 105mg of caffeine to boost energy.

It is also worth mentioning that 4+ Nutrition’s Maxi Gel is a part of the brand’s Football 4Plus Team, a new series of supplements designed and marketed towards football players. The latest product from 4+ is already available through its website and will cost you €60 (72.88 USD) for a box of 24 single serving gel sachets.