4Plus Team Series gets a comprehensive post match supplement

4 plus post match

4+ Nutrition has unveiled the next addition to its 4Plus Team of supplements, designed and marketed specially towards football players. The Italian brand kicked the whole series off back in February with three of the seven planned 4Plus Team products including R-Gen Joint, Acu Joint, and Shot Pre-Match.

What is it

Joining 4+ Nutrition’s football lineup this week is essentially the follow up to its pre-game supplement Shot Pre-Match, called Post Match. It is a product intended for us after a game or any other kind of endurance activity, to help improve overall recovery.

Complex formula

While post-workout or post activity supplements from Europe are typically straightforward, 4+ Nutrition’s new Post Match is pretty complex and comprehensive. Each serving of it provides 7g of protein from high quality hydrolyzed whey, 28g of carbohydrates from maltodextrin and dextrose, with a total of 156 calories.

As mentioned, 4+ Nutrition’s Post Match is quite comprehensive, with a lot more to it than macros highlighted above. Also in the mix is 2.85g of MCTs providing healthy fats, electrolytes for hydration, arginine AKG, a hefty 8.3g of BCAAs for recovery, and 1.67g of VitaCholine branded choline bitrate for better cognitive function.

Available now

The fourth item in 4+ Nutrition’s growing 4Plus Team of football products is now available through 4plusnutrition.com. Instead of coming in a traditional powder tub, Post Match comes in a box of 20 individually packaged, Raspberry Lemonade flavored sachets priced at €50 (61.37 USD).