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Animal simply combines aminos and energy for Spiked Aminos

animal spiked aminos

Animal’s all-new Spiked Aminos is now out and available confirming everything you need to know about the new supplement from the hardcore brand. As previously revealed, Animal Spiked Aminos is an energy infused amino product, giving you the benefits of aminos along with a boost in energy.

The full formula behind Spiked Aminos is pretty simple, with the combination of two non-transparent blends. The first and heaviest blend in the supplement is where it gets the “Aminos” part of its name from, featuring a 5g combination of a variety of aminos including BCAAs, citrulline, and glutamine.

animal spiked aminos

The second blend in Animal’s new Spiked Aminos weighing in at 160mg per serving, is where it gets all of its energy from. To take care of that side of things, the brand has brought together caffeine, coffee bean extract, and green tea, with the caffeine being the only ingredient we know the exact dose of at 125mg.

The latest Animal product is now available through the online retailer, who apparently has exclusivity on Spiked Aminos for the next six months. The price on a full 30 serving tub of the supplement is just $19.99 with only the one Blue Raspberry flavor to choose from at the moment.