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Blackstone Labs launches its competition strength diuretic Evaporate

blackstone evaporate

As well as launching two new flavors for its protein powder 3-Whey this week, Blackstone Labs has also added a water loss formula to its lineup. The entirely new supplement is appropriately called Evaporate, which on its bottle describes itself as a competition strength diuretic.

The primary purpose of Blackstone Labs Evaporate is the same as most water loss products, and that is to help your body hold less water. Also like a lot of other competitors in the water loss category, Evaporate is not designed for prolonged use, with each bottle providing only enough servings for ten days.

blackstone evaporate

For those interested in knowing the formula behind Blackstone Labs competition strength diuretic, it features a total of eight transparently dosed ingredients. You can see all of its components in its official facts panel above with highlights such as a solid gram of uva ursi, 2g of taraxacum officinale, and 250mg of horsetail.

Blackstone Labs Evaporate is now available through its own website at a regular price of $37.99 with of course coupon codes providing their usual discount. As mentioned, Evaporate is only a short-term use supplement packing just 20, three capsule servings, intended to last you ten days.