Continue reading Stack3d adds a citrulline powder to its Signature line

bodybuilding signature citrulline’s broad Signature line of supplements featuring both basic and complex formulas such as a pre-workout and protein powder. Has grown this week with another straightforward product named after the one ingredient it features in Citrulline.

The new supplement is a simple, pure citrulline powder with 2g of the pump enhancing ingredient in each of its 100 servings. It’s perfect for those that need a little extra citrulline for their pre-workout or any other product, which is made very easy with this one as it is an unflavored powder.

The latest Signature release is now available through the store’s website, where at the moment it is running a sale on the supplement. For a limited time, you can get an automatic 25% off’s Citrulline, dropping it from its regular price of $16.99 down to $12.74.