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Zero calorie C4 energy drink for wherever your workout takes you

Details have been released for Cellucor’s latest on-the-go supplement, officially introducing C4 Original On-The-Go or what we’ve been calling the C4 energy drink. It is a carbonated version of the major brand’s popular C4 pre-workout powder, with a slightly different formula but still promising a similar combination of effects.

What is it

Cellucor’s new C4 pre-workout drink is said to deliver an enjoyable mix of increased energy, improved endurance, and enhanced muscle pumps. The product is intended to be used before a workout and is backed by a formula featuring commonly used pre-workout ingredients, most of which fans of will recognize from the regular C4 Original powder.

c4 energy drink

Formula and flavors

To ensure it comes through with its convenient, pre-workout experience, Cellucor has packed C4 Original On-The-Go with a blend of five different ingredients. They all come wrapped up in a rather heavy 6.73g non-transparent blend with citrulline malate for pumps, beta-alanine and BetaPower branded betaine for strength and performance, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and 200mg of caffeine.

c4 energy drink

There is one other area to highlight for the C4 energy drink which is, of course, the supplement’s line of flavors. Cellucor has put together a total of four zero sugar and zero calorie options; all said to pack that “legendary C4 taste” with Frozen Bombsicle, Tropical Blast, Strawberry Watermelon Ice, and Twisted Limeade.

Where to buy

Cellucor has confirmed that there are retailers already stocking and selling its new C4 Original On-The-Go, with its own online store due to get the product one week from now. We do know that when it does eventually hit, there will be an exclusive C4 energy drink deal available, so if you don’t mind waiting you will get the chance to save some money.