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Ceuticore delivers a 10g full spectrum amino blend in its new EAA-X

ceuticore eaa-x

The latest Ceuticore Nutrition supplement EAA-X has been completely unveiled and launched this week. As promised the product is a heavily dosed, full spectrum amino formula featuring all nine of the essential amino acids.

What is it

Like most competitors in the increasingly popular amino category, Ceuticore’s EAA-X is designed to improve muscle development and recovery. Its primary point of difference is as mentioned, that it features a full blend of aminos not just BCAAs, which is what you’ll find in a lot of its competitors.

All of the amino acids in EAA-X combine for a total of 10g per serving, with the supplement transparently listing the exact dose for every one of them. The majority of that 10g blend is taken up by EAA-X’s 8g dose of BCAAs; then you have a gram of lysine, half a gram of threonine, and the remaining half a gram divided up between phenylalanine, histidine, tryptophan, and methionine.

ceuticore eaa-x


When it comes to flavors for Ceuticore’s all-new EAA-X, it has put together quite an impressive list of options. Instead of launching the product in a handful of traditional tastes, the brand has gone with five unique flavors in Tropical Passion, Strawberry Kiwi, Peach Iced Tea, Candy Cola Bottles, and Rocket Pop Blast.

Launch deal

Ceuticore Nutrition’s latest supplement is now in stock and available through its official online store at The price on a full 30 serving tub of EAA-X is $39.99, however for a limited time, you can use the coupon code “ESSENTIAL” and get two tubs at a very competitive $20 each.