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Sugar Free and Whey Protein Popcorn from Feel Free Nutrition

feel free nutrition popcorn

Feel Free Nutrition has launched an all-new product at the 2018 FIBO Expo called Sugar Free Popcorn. It is a self-explanatory snack that is just as its title says, a bag of popcorn that has absolutely no sugar, making it an ideal healthy treat for the cinema or wherever else you’d have popcorn.

Each bag of Feel Free’s Sugar Free Popcorn packs 1.5g of protein, 9.7g of carbohydrates, 10g of fat (1.5g saturated), for a total of 133 calories. It comes in just two flavors with Salt & Vinegar and Smokey Barbecue, both of which pass as an enjoyable, realistic popcorn snack.

feel free nutrition popcorn

Feel Free’s Sugar Free Popcorn obviously doesn’t have that sweet taste to it that you get with the likes of buttered popcorn, but it does still deliver on its title tastes. We’d best compare it to typical plain popcorn with a touch of barbecue in Smokey Barbecue and a mild salty taste in Salt & Vinegar.

In addition to debuting its Sugar Free Popcorn at FIBO, Feel Free Nutrition has also confirmed that it has a second popcorn snack on the way. The other product is called Whey Protein Popcorn, which as you could probably guess, is a protein-infused bag of popcorn.

feel free nutrition popcorn

Feel Free Nutrition’s Whey Protein Popcorn has just nine more calories per bag than the Sugar Free version and over three times as much protein. Each bag provides 5g of protein powered by whey protein concentrate with 10g of carbohydrates, 9.4g of fat, and a total of 142 calories.

While the Whey Protein Popcorn isn’t available to sample at the 2018 FIBO Expo, we can confirm the flavors it will eventually launch in. Feel Free’s protein popcorn will actually have one more taste to choose from than the sugar-free with Salt & Vinegar, Honey & Barbecue, and Natural Cheddar.