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From the creators of ‘Merica Labz comes the exciting ‘Merica Energy

merica energy

Today we’ve got the first look at ‘Merica Labz upcoming energy drink appropriately named ‘Merica Energy. The product does carry the name of the patriotic brand’s pre-workout powder, Red, White & Boom; however, ‘Merica Energy does appear to be the drinks primary name.

While we haven’t got confirmation of the entire formula ‘Merica Labz has put into ‘Merica Energy, today’s preview does reveal pretty much everything else. First and foremost, ‘Merica Energy is a sugar-free energy drink with the only ingredients we can confirm for now are caffeine and B vitamins.

merica energy

Of course, being the brand that it is, ‘Merica Labz has put together a solid bunch of flavors for its new ‘Merica Energy. The product is due to launch in four options with Not Your Granny’s Apple, the Bomb Pop inspired flavor Freedom, Let’s Make ‘Merica Grape Again, and the orange recipe, ‘Merican Made.

The launch of ‘Merica Labz ‘Merica Energy is expected to go down sometime soon, and being fans of on-the-go energy, this definitely looks like something we’ll have to try. When it eventually arrives, we imagine the energy drink be available from all the usual ‘Merica Labz stockists including the brand’s own online store