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Pitbull Labs stepping up its protein game this summer with Isobite

pitbull labs isobite

A couple of days ago we got the first look at Pitbull Labs’ second pre-workout, Rambo, which isn’t going to replace its current pre-workout and will feature TeaCrine and Dynamine. The brand has now followed that up with the first look at another supplement it has coming soon called Isobite.

Isobite is an all-new protein powder from Pitbull Labs that is eventually going to replace its current protein product, 100% Whey. It will feature a slightly different formula from 100% Whey and its blend of hydrolyzed whey and whey concentrate, with high-quality, fast absorbing whey isolate as its only source of protein.

Pitbull Labs’ upcoming protein powder will also have a couple of extra features to make it even more different from 100% Whey and other protein competitors on the market. On top of the whey isolate the brand has is throwing in the muscle protein synthesis enhancer Velositol as well as a solid dose of MCT oils.

Isobite is the second of four entirely new supplements Pitbull Labs plans on releasing this summer, with the other one being the pre-workout Rambo. It’ll initially be available in the one 2lb tub size, and three great tasting flavors with Chocolate Bomb, Blueberry Pancakes, and the Froot Loops inspired Loop Fruits.