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FitGirl unveils its upcoming gourmet dessert Fit Frozen Yogurt

fitgirl fit frozen yogurt

The female marketed supplement company FitGirl has unveiled a new item it has coming soon that’s quite a unique little creation. The product is actually a protein packed snack although not in the traditional form of a protein bar or cookie.

The new product on the way from FitGirl is Fit Frozen Yogurt, which describes itself as a protein-infused gourmet frozen dessert. We don’t yet know any of the snack’s macros but can confirm it has an all-natural formula featuring whey protein isolate, probiotics, and grass-fed ghee and collagen peptides.

FitGirl’s unique looking Fit Frozen Yogurt is due to launch soon in single pint tubs with a two delicious looking flavors. The options the brand has confirmed so far are a traditional Chocolate and the slightly more creative recipe, Red Velvet White Chocolate.