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Force Factor reveals details on its three new Select Series supplements

alpha king supreme

Force Factor’s all-new Select Series is now out and available, bringing with it everything you need to know about each of its products. As recently confirmed, the brand’s new line features improved and fully transparent versions of previously released Force Factor supplements.

Test X180 Ignite Pro

The first Force Factor Select product is Test X180 Ignite Pro; a follow on from Test X180 Ignite. The new Select Series version promises most of the same benefits as the original, with ingredients for testosterone support and weight loss. Ignite Pro’s list of features includes 300mg of Testofen branded fenugreek, 100mg of stinging nettle, and zumXR extended release caffeine.

test x180 ignite pro

VolcaNO Extreme

Next is the new version of Force Factor’s pump pill VolcaNO, called VolcaNO Extreme. This one actually takes things a bit further than the original as it packs ingredients for better muscle pumps as well as mental focus. The formula includes the likes of 1.5g of Nitrosigine, a rather light 750mg of citrulline, and 100mg of AlphaSize alpha-GPC.

volcano extreme

Alpha King Supreme

Last but not least is Force Factor’s first Alpha King spin-off, Alpha King Supreme. The brand has packed this one with a lot more ingredients than the regular Alpha King which promises to help with muscle, strength, vitality, and sexual performance. Some of Alpha King Supreme’s formula highlights include half a gram of AlphaFen fenugreek, 600mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha, and 1.5g of pure citrulline for enhanced blood flow.

alpha king supreme

Where to buy

You can now grab all three of Force Factor’s Select Series supplements through its major retailer GNC. The new products obviously cost a little more than their originals with Test X180 Ignite Pro at $79.99 per bottle, Alpha King Supreme at $89.99, and VolcaNO Extreme with the lowest price at $69.99.