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Family size Protein Pizza coming soon with 80g of protein and 1,160 calories

The team behind the Protein Pizza has announced something that’s likely going to go down nicely with fitness enthusiasts that have a thing for pizza. The announcement is about a massive new family style size of the Protein Pizza for those that need a little more than the 740 calories you get from the current one.

The upcoming Protein Pizza is going to measure almost a foot in diameter at 11″, similar to a medium restaurant pizza, and have twice as much protein as the original. Instead of 40g per pizza, it packs 80g, with more than twice the carbohydrates at 100g and a mass gainer like total of 1,160 calories.

family size protein pizza

The family style Protein Pizza will be made with real cheddar cheese like the first one, and be infused with whey protein isolate to give it that 80g of protein per pizza. Based on the macros confirmed it’s probably not ideal for a strict dieter, but it’s a great alternative for anyone craving a typical takeout pizza.

The upcoming Protein Pizza is due to launch soon with no word on price just yet. The original personal pizza measures 8″ in diameter and costs $29.99 for a pack of four, working out to $7.50 each. That kind of gives you an idea of how much the family size might cost as it will obviously be a bit more expensive than that.