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GA Shaker+ combines a gym card slot and magnet attachments

ga shaker plus

GA Shaker+ is a unique supplement shaker we’ve stumbled across here at the 2018 FIBO Expo. Its primary purpose is, of course, to mix liquid and powder supplements, but it does go a bit further than that. It also comes with a handy bunch of features that make it sort of an all-in-one gym accessory.

The GA Shaker+ is on the larger side of things when it comes to shakers with a hefty liquid capacity of one liter (1,000ml). It has a traditional grill inside to help mix everything as well as a big easy carry hook on top, and a lid that we did find a bit difficult to take off.

ga shaker plus

Where the shaker makes itself different from all of the rest is that on one side it has a slot for you to slide in a credit card sized gym card. It also has two magnets on either side, one for you to stick the shaker to something like a gym rack and the other for you to attach your phone.

To take advantage of the phone magnet, you will need to attach a magnet sticker to your phone which each GA Shaker+ does come with. The brand does sell phone cases as well for a variety of devices to cover up that magnet, and it will save you some money when buying a shaker and case together.

ga shaker plus

The company behind GA Shaker+ is German, which is also where the product itself is made. The gym accessory is currently available through for €24.95 (30.75 USD) in six different colors with shipping available to Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

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