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Genius launches a stackable moisturizing spin-off of Genius Beauty

genius beauty

The continuously growing supplement company Genius, has expanded once again this week with a product that is actually a spin-off of another already rather specialized item. The new release from the brand is called Genius Beauty, although not like the Genius Beauty launched back in February, it is a separate all-natural, face cream verson of Genius Beauty.

The cream is very different from what we’re used to seeing from Genius; regardless it is still a well put together item backed a mix of vitamin E, collagen, and CoQ10. The Genius Beauty moisturizer comes with a variety of benefits including the ability to diminish dark spots, blemishes, and fine lines, as well a hydrate your skin to restore texture, tone, firmness, and clarity.

As always the latest creation from Genius is now available from the online giant Amazon. The moisturizing Genius Beauty comes in small 2oz tubs with a price of $18.99. It is also being promoted with a deal where you use the coupon “SMRTBEAU” when buying the Genius Beauty cream and supplement on Amazon, and you’ll save 20% on both.