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GN Labs packs a bit of everything into its new T1 Virus pre-workout

GN Labs has launched two all-new pre-workouts at the 2018 FIBO Expo introducing T1 Virus and T1 Antivirus. The two are actually pretty much the same product featuring mostly identical formulas, with the primary difference being that T1 Virus has stimulants and T1 Antivirus does not.

T1 Virus vs Antivirus

Both of GN Labs’ new pre-workouts pack ingredients to help support strength, power, and endurance, enhance muscle pumps and vascularity, and improve hydration. Thanks to the added stimulants in T1 Virus it also aims to boost energy and focus, two effects T1 Antivirus will short on as it does not feature any stimulants.

gn labs t1 antivirus


As mentioned, the formula behind GN Labs T1 Virus and T1 Antivirus is mostly the same. They feature the exact same ingredients and doses for strength, endurance, pumps, and hydration, with T1 Virus setting itself apart with an extra energy and focus blend as well as an additional pump ingredient.

The full formula behind T1 Virus and T1 Antivirus is actually quite impressive. The stimulant option packs a hefty 30g serving size including highlights such as 6g of pure citrulline, 3g each of beta-alanine and creatine, 250mg of eria jarenesis, a rather light 200mg of caffeine, and 1.5g of Glyceromax glycerol.

You can see the complete T1 Virus formula in the image below, which is in German as GN Labs is a German brand, although it’s pretty easy to figure out what they all are. As for the exact differences between T1 Virus and T1 Antivirus, everything in the label below is in T1 Antivirus except for red beet powder, eria jarensis, caffeine, DMAE, and acetyl-l-tyrosine.

gn labs t1 virus

Polyhydrate technology

Something else you may notice looking at the label of GN Labs T1 Antivirus is that it has a lot of Polyhydrate ingredients such as citrulline polyhydrate and creatine polyhydrate. Polyhydrate is, in fact, a technology from GN Labs itself that protects from gastric acid destruction, that in turn gets more of the polyhydrate ingredient into your body.


At this year’s FIBO Expo, GN Labs has its two new T1 pre-workout supplements available for purchase, so they’ll probably be hitting stores very soon. Both products pack a rather odd total of 17 full servings per tub and have been spotted in at least one flavor each with T1 Virus in Black Cherry and T1 Antivirus in Lemon Cola.