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Silverback launches an EAA and energy infused version of Guardian Aminos

guardian aminos intra

Mid last year, Silverback Nutraceuticals expanded its family of supplements with the very straightforward amino formula Guardian Aminos. The brand kept everything very simple with that one, giving it just two main features in 4g of BCAAs at a 2:1:1 ratio and a gram of glutamine.

Almost one year after the launch of Guardian Aminos, Silverback has introduced another amino formula called Guardian Aminos Intra. It is a similar kind of product compared to the brand’s original amino, with its main points of difference being that it’s got a wider variety aminos as well as ingredients for energy.

Unlike Guardian Aminos which has only BCAAs, Silverback has gone for a full blend of aminos weighing in at a combined 5g and including the likes of BCAAs, citrulline, taurine, theanine, and glutamine. As for the energy ingredients, the brand has thrown in the always reliable stimulant caffeine at 75mg per serving, along with 50mg each of green tea and theobromine.

Silverback Nutraceuticals’ latest supplement release is now available through its website for a slightly higher price than the regular Guardian Aminos. A full tub of the new product will cost you $34.99 with two flavors to choose from in Raspberry Ice Tea and Sweet Peach.