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HPN leaves the sports nutrition industry for a broader audience


After being in the supplement industry for an impressive eight years, High Performance Nutrition better known as HPN, is moving in a massive new direction. The brand has announced that it’s leaving the sports nutrition side of the market and heading more towards building a brand for the health and wellness of everyone.

HPN will still have all of the quality innovation we’ve come to expect from it, with a full BSCG and NSF certified line of products. Where the change comes in is that HPN is now more about providing people with the supplements they need to lead a healthier lifestyle, whether that be a competitive athlete or someone that’s never even stepped inside a gym.


On the outside, HPN’s new direction will bring about a lot of changes that are all well worth learning about if you’re a fan of the brand. It has updated its logo to a more graphically driven design, relocated and relaunched its website, and rebranded all of its products which does require a bit more explaining.

HPN’s family of supplements has essentially been divided into two categories. There is the Lifestyle Collection made up of colorfully branded, common category products, such as the multi-vitamin V1 and the vegan protein Pro Zero. You then have the Active Collection, a matte black line of products that HPN considers category creators or redefiners, that push the boundaries of performance.

See the full video on HPN’s new website

The new HPN website can be found at which has also brought with it a unique new feature. As well as being able to buy the brand’s supplements individually through the site, there is another option HPN has introduced with the myStack program.

HPN’s myStack is a subscription service of sorts where you simply pay a fixed amount, and you get a set number of products each month with free shipping. Those products can be anything from the brand’s lineup with a two-piece stack costing $77.95, three-piece at 109.95, and four-piece at $138.95.


To celebrate its big announcement and relaunch, HPN is running a sale on its new website. From today through until this coming Sunday, you can save an extra 15% on all of the brand’s supplements by using the coupon code “stack3d”.

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