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Hyde Power Potion is getting a slightly smaller 15 can case

hyde power potion

At the moment, ProSupps’ energy drink Hyde Power Potion, can be purchased in cases packing a total of 16 cans. Supplement retailers such as Suppz and Campus Protein sell those cases for $27, which works out to around $1.70 per can without any discount.

ProSupps has revealed that a new case option is coming soon for Hyde Power Potion that has just one can less than the original. The release is a box of 15 cans, due to be available in all five of its flavors, Cherry Cola, Winter Blast, Island Punch, Purple Mist, and Pineapple Cooler.

We’re not sure on the price point of Hyde Power Potion’s one can smaller case size, but if it’s value is anything like the original 16, it’ll be somewhere around $25.