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Killer Labz previews Epistrol and confirms Laxobulk and Stim Reaper


Killer Labz has released a preview of its next new supplement, which is going to be another rather advanced style product to go with the rest of its lineup. The supplement is referred to as an “anabolic leaning agent” that goes by the name Epistrol, and comes with a promising list of benefits.

The upcoming Killer Labz Epistrol has been designed as a complete recomposition formula. It aims to help increase strength and muscle hardness, as well as reduce water retention. The hardcore brand has also confirmed that as exciting as Epistrol sounds, it is just the beginning.

It turns out Killer Labz actually has a lot of new releases coming over the next couple of months with Epistrol being the first to drop in a few weeks’ time. The recomposition product is due to be followed by a lot more excitement including two entirely supplements named Laxobulk and Stim Reaper.