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Kodiak’s new 1Whey is one of the leanest protein powders out there

kodiak 1whey

Kodiak has officially unveiled its second ever protein supplement, the previously confirmed 1Whey. Just like the brand’s first ever protein 3Whey, its new 1Whey is named after what’s in it, which is just the one form of whey protein.

Each serving of Kodiak 1Whey provides 25g of protein from high-quality, fast digesting whey protein isolate. The rest of the product’s nutrition profile consists of less than a gram of carbohydrates, zero sugar, zero fat, all for an extremely lean total of 100 calories.

kodiak 1whey

Kodiak’s 1Whey has also followed in the footsteps of 3Whey and features a fully transparent label. What that means is the brand lists the exact amount of whey protein isolate it uses in the product to provide its claimed amount of protein, which in the case of 1Whey is 27.8g yielding 25g of protein.

According to Kodiak, 1Whey is going to be online and available through its Kodiak website sometime tomorrow. Fans will be able to choose from three delicious sounding, 30 serving flavors with Chocolate Strawberry, Blueberry Crumb Pie, and Vanilla Cupcake.