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‘Merica Energy combines great flavor with a boost in energy and focus

‘Merica Labz recently announced that it’s releasing an energy drink called ‘Merica Energy. The product is due to launch very soon in a handful of delicious, sugar-free flavors, and with a formula that puts it right in line if not a little ahead of other energy drink competitors.

In terms of ingredients, ‘Merica Labz has packed ‘Merica Energy with enough to give you a boost of energy and mental focus whenever you need it. The formula is led by 200mg of caffeine coming from two sources in caffeine anhydrous and guarana. There are also B vitamins and the two focus enhancing features acetyl-l-carnitine and choline bitartrate; both dosed at 250mg.

merica energy

While ‘Merica Energy does look like it’ll deliver everything an energy drink should in terms of effects, the flavor department appears to be another area the product will shine. ‘Merica Labz has confirmed it is due to drop in four flavors with Not Your Granny’s Apple, the Bomb Pop inspired Freedom, Let’s Make ‘Merica Grape Again, and lastly the orange recipe, ‘Merican Made.

Fans excited to get their hands on ‘Merica Labz ‘Merica Energy can look forward to doing so when it launches in just over four weeks’ time on Memorial Day. The supplement distributor Muscle Foods will be its exclusive distributor, so any store that is supplied by Muscle Foods will have ‘Merica Energy available to them.