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Multi-Sourced collagen formula coming soon to Muscletech’s Essential Series

muscletech platinum hydrolyzed collagen

Muscletech’s Essential Series, a collection of basic style products, is getting an all-new collagen supplement this May simply named Platinum 100% Hydrolyzed Collagen. It features a multi-sourced, type I and III collagen formula with a blend of hydrolyzed collagen bovine peptides and Fortigel branded bioactive collagen peptides.

The product’s inclusion of Fortigel is in fact quite important, as it gives Muscletech’s upcoming Hydrolyzed Collagen joint health benefits. The collagen peptides in Fortigel “have been proven to activate the growth of new cartilage by stimulating cells helping to ease joint discomfort and make the joints smooth and mobile.”

muscletech platinum hydrolyzed collagen

Each single scoop serving of Muscletech’s collagen supplement provides 20g of protein coming from its combined 22g of collagen peptides for a total of 80 calories. As mentioned, Platinum 100% Hydrolyzed Collagen is due to launch sometime next month with 62 servings per tub in an easy-to-mix Unflavored powder.