Switch Nutrition relaunches Amino Switch as 100% natural

amino switch

The Australian supplement company Switch Nutrition, has reformulated and relaunched its amino formula Amino Switch. The overall idea of the product has remained the same as it still features electrolytes and a full blend of EAAs, but there are a few important changes.

The biggest tweak for Switch Nutrition’s new Amino Switch is that it is now a completely natural formula. The supplement has switched to non-GMO, vegan, instantized amino acids, which are more stable and absorbable than the aminos from the original.

The updated Amino Switch also has a number of changes in the flavor department, most importantly that it is now naturally flavored with stevia. The brand has redone all of its previous flavors with stevia including Lemonade, Mango Kiwi, and Raspberry, as well as added two new options in Green Apple and Watermelon.

Switch Nutrition fans can already find the new and improved Amino Switch in stock and available through switchnutrition.com.au. The 100% natural versions are all listed as due to ship tomorrow and currently only appear to come in the product’s larger 60 serving tub size.

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