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New and improved Vanilla Caramel Noway Protein also gets repackaged

atp science noway protein

The Australian supplement company ATP Science has revamped one of the three flavors available for its non-whey powered protein powder, Noway Protein. The flavor getting the update is the brand’s vanilla recipe Vanilla Caramel, although there is a bit more to the revamp than just the flavor.

Along with the improvement of its Vanilla Caramel Noway Protein, ATP Science has also repackaged the product. As we’ve seen a lot of protein powders do that start off in a bag, the brand has shifted to a more traditional 1kg tub for its new and improved vanilla flavor.

By the sounds of things, ATP Science’s other Noway Protein options Strawberry and Chocolate Caramel Fudge, will remain in the original bags. The new tub Vanilla Caramel Noway Protein is expected to be hitting physical and online retailers in Australia later this week.