Performax Labs previews it full spectrum amino EAAmino Max

eaamino max

Performax Labs has announced that like a lot of other supplement companies we’ve seen recently, it will be launching an amino with a blend of both BCAAs and EAAs. The product is going to be called EAAmino Max although, in true Performax style there will be more to the supplement than just aminos.

We don’t yet know the doses of anything in Performax Labs EAAmino Max, only that it will feature a full spectrum of BCAAs and EAAs. As mentioned there will be other ingredients in the mix, with the overall combination designed to help increase performance and endurance as well as improve recovery and hydration.

Fans of Performax Labs can actually look forward to getting their hands EAAmino Max very soon. The brand plans on having the amino product out and available somewhere in the middle of May, which is only a few weeks away. It is due to launch in two 25 serving flavors with Peach and Lemon Ice Tea.

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