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Purge’s amino formula BCAAX is just as loaded as its pre-workout

purge nutrition bcaax

Last week Purge Nutrition officially relaunched itself, bringing the highly anticipated availability of its new pre-workout Pre V2. So far it is the only one of the brand’s two products that you can purchase, however, the good news is we do now have all of the information you need on Purge’s other supplement, BCAAX.

Previously all we knew about Purge Nutrition’s first ever amino formula, was that it contained an unknown amount of BCAAs and EAAs to help with muscle recovery. This week can confirm the exact doses of those aminos in BCAA, and just like in Pre V2; the brand has brought together a solid formula.

In total Purge Nutrition has packed BCAAX with a strong 6g of BCAAs at their usual 2:1:1 ratio, 2.5g of glutamine, and 1.1g of EAAs, for a combined total of 9.6g of aminos. Being the brand that it is, the list of ingredients in BCAAX doesn’t end there.

purge nutrition bcaax

Also included in BCAAX on top of that almost 10g of aminos is a gram of HICA to further help with recovery. Then to round out the formula and make it a true intra-workout experience, Purge has thrown in half a gram of the pump ingredient HydroMax glycerol, as well as electrolytes and coconut water to improve hydration.

As mentioned, Purge Nutrition’s BCAAX is the only one of its two products not yet available. Stock will eventually be added to the brand’s website sometime in June, with fans due to get three 30 serving flavors to choose from in Blue Rage, Island Punch, and the unique recipe, Peach Lime.