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RTD version of REPP’s powerful Reactr pre-workout coming soon

repp sports reactr rtd

Fans of REPP Sports that are also regular users of its powerful pre-workout Reactr, are in for a treat in the coming months. The brand has just released a teaser image of an all-new on-the-go version of its pre-workout, simply being referred to as the Reactr RTD.

The product is going to be a full-size pre-workout drink, packing a high stimulant formula like the original powder, including a strong 300mg of caffeine. The Reactr RTD will also have zero sugar, and by the looks of things a big emphasis on flavor, as REPP Sports has come up with some creative recipes such as Zap Cherry and Rainbow Burst.

There is currently no word on when REPP Sports plans on unleashing its Reactr RTD, although it isn’t the only supplement the brand has coming soon. The REPP protein powder Whey+ is also on the way, which we suspect will be released first since it was initially previewed all the way back in February.