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Save big on Halovar with Same Day Supplements’ Purus Labs stack


Since it launched a few days ago, one of the most commented on topics for Purus Labs’ returning and naturally reformulated testosterone booster Halovar, is its price. The brand officially introduced the product directly through its website where it has a regular price of $119.95 for a full 30 serving bottle.

Thankfully the retailer Same Day Supplements has come to the rescue for anyone that wanted to try the new Purus Labs product. The store has actually released Halovar in a discounted stack also consisting of a full bottle of Purus Labs’ other test booster D-Pol, and the health formula Organ Shield, for a combined $99.99.

The Same Day Supplements stack doesn’t see you spending a whole lot less compared to that $119.95 for Halovar, although in this case, you at least get a lot more bang for your buck.