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Ultimate Nutrition FIBO booth featuring Gold Burn and Cheatcode

ultimate nutrition

While we’re not used to seeing new products all that often from the long running supplement company Ultimate Nutrition. That has been the case with the brand over the past year or so with products like Pre Gold, Intra Gold, and Post Gold.

Here at this year’s FIBO Expo in Germany, Ultimate Nutrition continues to introduce new supplements. At its booth, it has two entirely new products pictured and promoted, with another entry into its Gold Series as well as a competitor for the increasingly popular gaming category.

The latest Ultimate Nutrition Gold supplement is Gold Burn, a weight loss formula to help you burn more calories and increase your fat burn rate. As for the gaming product titled Cheatcode, we also don’t know a whole lot about that one just that its bottle says it increases energy and enhances reaction time, focus, and coordination.