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Muscletech launches a new VitaMax Test under its Performance Series

vitamax test

Muscletech first used the name VitaMax with a series of vitamin based supplements for its Sx-7 Black Onyx Series such as VitaMax Sport and VitaMax Test. The veteran company has now taken that name and launched another VitaMax product, however this time it is under its main Performance Series.

The new Muscletech supplement is officially titled VitaMax Test, just like the VitaMax Test in the brand’s Black Onyx Series. While there are some differences between the two, the overall idea of the new Performance edition of VitaMax Test is much the same as the original, combining vitamins and minerals with ingredients for testosterone support.

vitamax test

You can see the full and transparent Performance Series VitaMax Test formula in the facts panel above. As mentioned it has a lot in common with the Black Onyx version with a complete mix of vitamin and minerals as well as blends for power and performance, sensory, and testosterone support.

Muscletech has yet to officially launch its all-new VitaMax Test, so at the moment it is classed as coming soon. Also seeing as it is a part of the brand’s Performance Series, when it does eventually release it should be available in all the usual locations.